Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Gingerbread House Project

Can you create a house out of healthy foods? Watch this Ms. Tu's class gingerbread documentary to find out.


Jen Flores said...

What a creative extension of the First Grade tradition! We loved it! Thank you Ms. Cohen and Ms. Tu.

Laurie Sullivan said...

My son, Jackson, and I just finished watching the Gingerbread House Project video. He was a Barrett first grader six years ago and still remembers building his gingerbread house. It was fun for us to see the students planning and creating healthy gingerbread houses :)

Sarah and Josie Baker said...

"S-weet. Awesome" said our 4th-grade neighbor after watching this.

We loved seeing all the projects and especially hearing them all talk about each one. What an articulate group. Well done everyone.